A Change In Scope

A new friend of mine pointed out the other day that my “recent blog posts” are, in fact, not recent at all. In the ensuing conversation, I realized that I had been avoiding posting on topics that didn’t match the technical nature of what I’d already been posting. I’d had ideas for things I wanted to write about, but decided not to. I’ve also written absurdly long posts on Reddit that had to be edited down to fit in the 15,000 character limit, which I really could be posting here except, well, it “didn’t match the technical nature”.

So, I’m going to be widening the scope of this blog, in an effort to get more content up, as well as not being limited by Reddit. I’ll be writing about soccer at least, and possibly also about books and movies. Or whatever else strikes my fancy, I guess. It’s my site after all. (But I’ll still be posting my Quakes related stuff to /r/SJEarthquakes, of course. The community and discussion are important.)